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I used to be an amazing archer, won 2 tournaments. I wish I could go back to shooting at targets....

Beebichus Costume Creations: How to make Skyrim armor: Nightingale set with bow and sword. The Nightingales are my favorite

Character Portraits

When Diablo III launched in South Korea, the country's most famous cosplay collective, Spiral Cats, was on hand. Spiral Cats' member Tasha pulled off a wonderful Demon Hunter—a character she revisits in this photo set.

Something very different! Been shooting for some potentional book covers and this is one of the results. Model is Sarah Burchill, she made all the gear as well except arrows (Patric Fälldin) and corset (Viola Lahger). Some fantasy for you all :D

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a bow. mirrorofthemagus: Photo by Josefine Jonsson. Please retain photographer’s credit–many thanks!