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Whoever created this: I salute you!

F*ck this shit, I'm going to Hogwarts

I want you for dumbledore's army.unless you havent read the books. Then I dont want you for anything, at all, ever.

How to Order a Harry Potter Butterbeer at Starbucks ... What?!?!?!!!

How to Order Harry Potter’s Butterbeer at Starbucks (I did the frappuccino one, and I would do 1 or 2 less shots of the toffee nut and 1 more of the caramel shot. The toffee nut is overwhelming.

This is the best Harry Potter meme ever | Veooz

i probably shouldn't have laughed so hard about lucius' face there- but dear god- it won't stop.

Love Draco so much!! Tom is the best actor!!!

" Draco asked. "You wish," Harry answered. This makes me so sad. Poor Draco is just a boy and has had so much already done to him. He is lost and scared and has nowhere to go.

Oh yes !

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Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

Funny pictures about Describe your Harry Potter Experience in one word. Oh, and cool pics about Describe your Harry Potter Experience in one word. Also, Describe your Harry Potter Experience in one word.

blubbery ridiculous weeping.

Harry and Dobby (R.P) was crying in the cinema at this part of the movie now every time i watch the movie i always cry - poor Dobby, u will alway be remembered and in my heart

.23. Favorite casting decision; Alan Rickman as Severus Snape- he is one of the most difficult and intricate characters in the whole series of Harry Potter. He starts out as a clearly drawn villainous type with an unexplained hatred for Harry and a suspicious air of darkness around him. As much as he loathes Harry he protects him too, pushing the kids behind him when fighting a werewolf, and being one of Dumbledore's most trusted soldiers.

after all those years of hating him while I read the books, and then I got to the end and had never felt so bad.😭this makes me cry and feel bad I wanted to kill Snape at the end of the book!

1995-1996 Slytherin Quidditch Team: Cassius Warrington - Chaser; Miles Bletchley - Keeper; Graham Montague - Chaser/Captain; Gregory Goyle - Beater; Vincent Crabbe - Beater; Adrian Pucey - Chaser; Draco Malfoy - Seeker

Jummie Draco and Warrington Slytherin Quidditch Team: Cassius Warrington - Chaser;

When we realized that it was over—no more movies, no more books—the fandom kind of went insane.

We even made Death Eater cupcakes! They taste like strawberry and death. So funny!