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Other than the discipline part I'm actually pretty strict & the nurturing part, I'm not a coddler at all. I'd say it's pretty accurate ☺️

This is an astrology blog made just for you! I am a self-proclaimed astrology expert and want to...

While I don't believe in Zodiacs and horoscopes.this is my sign.and I have been told I have an old soul.

For a guy with false teeth, he sure knew what he was talking abouttt

Libra Quote: It is far better to cuddle with the ONE you are falling in love with, than it is to be alone.

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Astrology - Pisces - After a Disagreement: It doesn't matter what it was, all that matters is what it felt like.  Allow them their feelings, not as the ultimate truth of the situation, but as the truth of how it felt to them.  Or you can  always do as the pin suggests.  "...let them know you were wrong to let it escalate in the first place." -Triton

Smoothing things over with a Pisces: OMG if he could do this, it would make things so much easier. Never looked at it this way