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Made my day

This is probably the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Whoever made this is beautiful in my eyes.

Much enjoyment

Oh my. Oh my gad. Can't stop laughing. Lorde of the Rings. <<-- I don't even watch lord of the rings but I've been laughing for a solid minute now!

If I'm ever in a town with a subway... Im sure this is a great way to scare people off too...

This is just GENIUS! Bring your plunger with you next time you take the train.

My two favorite shows.... Supernatural and Gravity Falls!!! The mysteries never get old

I swear that the first season of these shows are the same, they are both about siblings using a book to find someone while fighting the supernatural, and they are both amazing>>lol nice description. makes sense so imma leave it

My sister found this the most funniest thing ever. ** This is hilarious!! -- This is pretty cute!

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