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This hurt me on an emotional level true

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Not the whip thing, but basically true

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Yep I'm gonna go spy on people BAIIIII- his accent is amazing omfg, I'm British and I sound like a dying rabbit AHHH

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This moment we’ve all endured at some point. 31 Jokes Only "Stranger Things" Fans Will Find Funny

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barb rules: if your friend wanna be a hoe, let her be a hoe. hate flowers peer pressure also sucks

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Such a frickin liar lik

Truuuuuuu my friend told me abt the show and was like "it's so good!" and I was like "ok I'll watch it"..... so I had no life before but now there's no chance of me getting one

I'll have you stuck on Jancy Jopps and Mileven. Heck, even Ducas.

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The funny part is that Millie hates pizza

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And that is the people watching it for the Schuyler Sisters performance p!

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i dont have sc but heres this for y'all who do