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Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but it seems to get a little crazy with all the parties, gifts and scheduled events. The entire holiday season can be such a special time and there are ma…

Reducing want, clutter and setting some boundaries at Christmas

Great for Kids. maybe the 5 Gift Rule. 1 Thing for them to GIVE.I like the 5 gift rule. My family is for sure going to give to others on the holidays and it might become the 6 gift rule: 2 things they read.cuz we will be a family of readers :)

It's time to put the stress of the holiday season behind us and have a little fun! I've rounded up awesome holiday games that everyone will love!

Holiday Games

Christmas Would You Rather Game Questions - a "simple" game that will generate giggles and sweet memories. Doesn't require strength, speed, or genius knowledge so youth can enjoy playing with adults.

Kids will never stop believing with these!!

the INSPIRED creative ONE: 10 Ways To prove Santa EXISTS! Read all the comments too, great ideas to make Christmas magical

The 12 Letters of Christmas PRINTABLE  Letters from the 9 reindeer, Santa's Head Elf, Mrs. Claus and Santa, himself.  Red and Green version, or blue and white.  Includes calendar for when to give them out, and blank template for child's letter to Santa.

The 12 Letters of Christmas

The 12 Letters of Christmas- print these adorable letters from Santa, Mrs. Claus, The Head Elf, and all 9 Reindeer and leave one out for 12 days. They let us know just what Santa and the elves are up to at the North Pole

Christmas Rules Typography Word Art - would like to have to replace kitchen sign just for the holidays!

Items similar to Christmas Typography Word Art Sign- Merry Christmas- Weather Worn White Vintage Style Wood on Etsy

Christmas Reindeer Wood Art - Can make this for a lot less than the price on Etsy.

Christmas Reindeer Typography Word Art Sign in Vintage Style. This is truly a creative item that would look great in the background of Christmas decor or front and centre above the mantel!