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Dotwork Eye Moth Tattoo by Kamil Czapiga

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Butterfly dotwork tattoo by Kamil Czapiga

Very nice butterfly dotwork tattoo works by tattoo artist Kamil Czapiga from Poland.

Des animaux sauvages en tatouages !

gottahaveink: Wild Animal Spirits In Beautiful Tattoos By CheyenneCheyenne is a talented tattoo artist and illustrator in Strasbourg, France that creates beautiful tattoos that exhibit a wild and natural spirit.[x] Check out the full story…

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culturenlifestyle: “ Stunning Geometric and Linear Tattoos by Okan Uçkun Istanbul-based tattoo artist Okan Uçkun composes sophisticated black tattoos, which showcase the beauty of geometry and.

wings by Kamil Czapiga

i like the details.. but the tattoo itself is a little weird

bnlopz: “ Fun tattoo in my style this morning.


These Sophisticated Tattoos Are Blacker Than Black Tattoo artist Kamil Czapiga uses inspiration from surreal and fantasy worlds to make stunning tattoos

Tattoo from Poland tagged with Arm Dotwork Deer Diamond Tattoo realized by Kamil Czapiga.

Insane work. Stick and poke.

by Valentin Hirsch

Tattoo By Kamil Czapiga

Lovely stained glass rose effect by Kamil Czapiga: Tattoo 2013

#heart in the #belljar #tattoo by Kamil Czapiga.

The Bell Jar in the by Kamil Czapiga.

David hale tattoo  @Nathalie Benito Benito Benito Benito Joachim.  geometric animal

David Hale I want my coyolxauhqui tattoo to be in this still

Polish tatt artist Kamil Czapiga from Katowice makes use of the neo-Impressionist pointillism technique of using tiny dots of pure colors to craft stark, crisp tattoos that blend tribal mythology and timeless geometry most holistically.

love the style

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11148771_353684151492514_2779879760832020788_n.jpg (720×579)