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Kukeri - a Bulgarian folk tradition -- Charles Fréger


Photo series on traditional wild man costumes by Charles Fregér


farmwitch: “Charles Freger photographed and travelled through 19 countries to collect this stunning collection of photos of European Pagan Rituals surviving to this day.

銀座メゾンエルメスで、シャルル・フレジェの写真展「YÔKAÏNOSHIMA」日本でとらえた妖怪の姿 | ニュース - ファッションプレス


In Bulgaria, men wrap themselves in goat skins at the new year to impersonate the Kukeri, who both embody and frighten away evil spirits. They visit houses in the night, ringing bells and bestowing good luck on families.


French photographer Charles Fréger invites us on a journey to meet the Wilder Mann of a tribal Europe.

Pagan Winter Festival Costume

Eastern European and European Shaman Rituals Still Practiced Today. Wilder Mann by Charles Fréger



Human Nature

In photos: Charles Freger's Wilder Mann series - Travel tips and inspiration - British Airways High Life

'Wilder Mann ou la Figure du Sauvage' by Charles Fréger

Art Primitif Africain Agalom

Dancer in traditional costume during a Presidential visit - Ivory Coast, 1947 - scanned vintage print.


Expo : Là où vivent les êtres sauvages

Charles Fréger captures the spirit of what he calls “tribal Europe” in his “Wilder Mann” series A huge array of pagan rituals, mainly related to the winter solstice and spring renewal, focusing on the common myth of the “wild man".

Laufr (Jumper), Trebic, Czech Republic, 2010-2011 © Charles Fréger, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

Charles Fréger Photography: Capturing The Still-Practiced Pagan Rituals Of Europe

Perchten_Werfen_Austria-Wilder Mann_Charles Fréger

Wilder Mann 2010 © Charles Fréger - I think this fellow will be in my dreams tonight