Country ~♥~ Life ◦✩☼◦ "First Christmas" by Bonnie Mohr.really don't want your cows to calve before winter.but in the spring (when deer are dropping their fawns--makes more sense!

Flexible Flamingo by Michele Burgess - Flexible Flamingo Photograph - Flexible Flamingo Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

The spectacular beauty of lions: Photographers celebrate the pride of nature

~~The spectacular beauty of Masai lions: Photographers celebrate the pride of nature

Octopus affection. I don't even know where to file this, but I love them so much. They are one of my favoritie things to "hang with" at the zoo

Did you know that giant Pacific octopuses get “attached” to their aquarists—in a good way? These intelligent animals recognize the staff and may even embrace them after a long absence. Don't judge them for their looks.

Stunning shot of ❝ Swan Underwater❞ photo by Viktor Lyagushkin It looks like a painting! more amazing is our "Mother Nature"

Here's A Wheelbarrow Of Rescued Baby Orangutans On Their Way To Orangutan School

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17 Hilarious Snapchats That All Cat Owners Can Relate To

"Haha no Mommy nooooo stop tickling me Mommy!" 25 lindos ursos e seus filhotes

Wildlife Sculpture | Red-Tailed Hawk by Phil Galatas

wildlife sculpture: Red Tailed Hawk - The red-tailed hawk is so familiar, yet this distinctive bird of prey is always exciting to observe. The red-tailed Hawk is one of America's most familiar an