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Doctor Who Challende Day 1 | Favourite Doctor: 10th Doctor. He is so awesome and at the same time his story is so sad. And he has awesome hair. That's important :D

The doctors ranked by someone who has never watched Doctor Who- this is painful

It's very true, but you can also think of how many times 11 left and returned. In another way Amy and Rory stayed the longest.

Wait what. It's true. Holy fracking whaaat--- no no wait HOLD UP yes they do River tells them when they see the Doctor killed by the astronaut! (It's true they never *see* the doctor regenerate though)

9 (Christopher Eccelston), 10 (David Tennant), 11 (Matt Smith), 12 (Peter Capaldi). #doctorwho

The Internet's Reaction To The Twelfth Doctor

I will ALWAYS love the Doctor.

I will ALWAYS love the Doctor.

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Doctor who, season 2 Why doesn't he try to go back for her? These are the things i hate about the Doctor. You have a time machine!<<<< So true

David and Billie

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel.

This kinda hurt my feels tho because he had thought that Rose had called him a pretty boy in that previous season and he probably remembered that when she called him that

River: “Pretty boy, with me, I said.” The Doctor: “…Oh, I’m pretty boy!” Donna: “Yes! Oh, that came out a bit quick.” The Doctor: “Pretty!

The 9th Doctor and Rose- She loved him before he was 10

Whovian confession: I like Nine & Rose better than Ten & Rose.

Wow. Looks rough on the actors.

Billie Piper breaks down during the filming of her final season of Doctor Who, and David Tennant comforts her. This physically hurt my heart. And that was the sound of MY HEART SHATTERING.

If I knew where you were and I knew I could get to you, I would be there like, yesterday, and I would be this for you.

Dear Rose Tyler Haters, Read this post. Who the hell hate rose Tyler?