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Ray Charles and his brother Jack <3 Soooo cute!

Ray Charles and his brother Jack. LOVE these boys and their big brother Harley. The Fales Golden boys have a lovely, positive FB page.

"(Sigh) leaving me again for work, now where's the stash of dog food to amuse me." If u don't want your dog so bored and depressed, hide a few treats around the house for them to find.....

"Waiting For My Dad"~Golden Retriever puppy at the window.

Puppy in sand!

Beach Doggy Golden retrievers love the beach!

Golden Retrievers love the water, ocean and sailing

Golden on deck! Saying "All Paws on Deck"!

Sebastian stinking cute as always! - cElizabeth Gaudreau

5 cutest smiling puppy faces you have ever seen Golden Retriever Puppy in Swing Seat

Maşallah Sizeee (:

Dad and son

Sam - Summer is a great time to be a dog! | Henry Fradley

❦ There’s nothing more scarry than a wet dog. "Stay back, stay back. I love you too boy.Great, now I smell like a wet dog.

From imgfave.com

This is an English Cream Golden Retriever. This is what I would love to have!

PICK ME! NO, PICK ME! UH HELLO SHE WANTS ME!! UM GUYS ITS OBVIOUS SHE WANTS ME!! GET AWAY ITS MY TIME TO SHINE!! and another just sits biting his quintuplet brothers...

Aww all these baby goldens