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Masks: "Woman in red" - Carnival in Venice, Italy, January 2008 ~ photo by Alaskan Dude

Italy, Venezia by Peter Fenďa

Italy, Venezia by Peter Fenďa

Karneval Venedig 2014

Karneval Venedig 2014

Venezia Carnevale 2012 - Italien - Fotos

Venetian masquerade costumes and masks

lace masks - Google Search

photo of lace masks

#Venice Carneval by Andreas Sturmlechner

Carneval by Andreas Sturmlechner

Carneval di Venezia | par  JoesSistah

at Carnival di Venezia

Rote Rosen von MatthiasD700

Cherries and roses at Carnival of Venis ~

Maschere al Carnevale di #Venezia the most popular event in Venice read more http://urly.it/2866

Maschere al Carnevale di the most popular event in Venice read more…


Reminds me of a scene from Phantom of the Opera. "They say that this youth has set my Lady's heart aflame! Fop) His Lordship, sure, would die of shock! Fop) His Lordship is a laughingstock! (Confidante) Should he suspect her, God protect her!

Karneval Venedig inspirierte Kostüme Masken

in costume for Venice Carnival

Curiys Fair / White Rabbit Mask, White Rabbit Headdress, Festival Mask, Feather Animal Mask, Alice Mask

Luxury White Rabbit Mask, Animal Mask, Woodland Animals, Zootopia, Animal Face, Animal Mask Adult, Masquerade Mask, Easter Bunny Headdress

White Rabbit Mask White Rabbit Headdress Festival by CuriousFair

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Venice at Carnevale <3

autumn tones - Carnival in Venice.

Miss M Girl's trip to Venice... Pick out your favorite mask for Carnival...                                                                                                                                                      More

Midnight Masquerade -Mask Art by Katrina Pallon So pretty, I must start going to more balls.

#Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks #mardigras                              …

Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks

Each design represents different characters. For instance, the long nose mask represents plague doctor who treated victims of the plague as the Black Death of Europe in the century. I found it interesting because the mask not only