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John Wayne Gacy dressed as his alter-ego, Pogo, c.1970’s.

25 Creepy Photos: Welcome to Your Nightmare

Illustrated Insanity - Laurie Lipton is scaring me to death. These drawings are seriously creeping me out. Laurie Lipton is a London-based artist who loves to make you th.

Mickey De Clown Wheeling West Virginia Circus

It's just terrifying. I do know that this picture was taken in Wheeling, WV though.

Season 2 - Matt 13 of the Coolest Creations from Syfy’s ‘Face Off’

10 coolest syfy faceoff makeup creations

Tim Burton inspired - Ice Cream Man This seriously scares the shit out of me.but a creepy ice cream man would be an awesome idea for a costume.this bastard is scary!

De aquí el miedo de muchos a los payasos

Okay so why do I yell at the screen for the people in horror movies NOT to open that door or NOT to go into the house when I'd do exactly the same thing? Curiosity killed the clown.well you know what I mean. Would you sit next to that clown?


A giant evil rabbit, a soldier, and an invalid walk into a bar.if I'm not mistaken this is from the second Bill & Ted movie.

Horrifying photo by Jane Alexander.  Enjoy RUSHWORLD boards, WTF PHOTOS, WEIRD WILD WONDERFUL and UNPREDICTABLE WOMEN HAUTE COUTURE. Follow RUSHWORLD! We're on the hunt for everything you'll love!

Jane Alexander(artist) Street Cadets with Harbinger: Wish, Walk/Loop Long