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Tai & WarGreymon

Taichi "Tai" is the main protagonist in the anime and manga Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure .


InuYasha in his human form sweetly holding Kagome - InuYasha; fan art Que cosa más


F**k...! Pickachu!

Satoshi DID Win a League. AND the Battle Frontier. If you bash Satoshi, then get the Hell away from me!

You Know, Ash DID Win a League<<He also beat the Battle Frontier and was given a chance to be a Frontier Brain.

Say Cheese by HollyLu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"He's not my boyfriend! He's a boy, and he's a friend, but he is NOT my boyfriend!" Apparently Misty doth protest too much ;

Misty e Ash

CM: Lovelychu ~ Haine and Satoshi by KurumiErika

Ash and Misty

"Returning" - A Pok&eacute; 4 Chapters, 16 pages, 1 Cover &hearts; No dialogues, only feelings &hearts;