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A 7-Year-Old's Scary Story? I don't think so! That's demon writing!

Community Post: A 7-Year-Old's Scary Story

Wtf kinda 7 year old is this morbid. I think the kid who wrote this story is creepier than the actual story itself lol.


Proof That You Only Need Two Sentences To Make The Perfect Scary Story

well that settles it... I am never going on a train again

Hello all, I (sometimes) write my own horror short stories, I post them, you read them. Rinse and.

That is just too scary to think about.

No, because my bed is on the floor but the question arises. are there things in the closet or somewhere else and we are just so unaware of them that we tend to not notice them? Scary to think about

"Focus" story from creepy pasta

"Focus" story from creepy pasta/// because that's totally possible, sitting with my back aganist the door.

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I Love scary stories Normal people. what I'm not insane if I like scary stories haha smile widely hahaha I'm just A little Mad is all