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Yes it's Monday again!  Monday's can be rough but we have 50 funny Happy Monday quotes to brighten your day.

50 Funny Monday Quotes

A Boxer's tongue.a thing of beauty to behold! It gives the very best kisses in the world. Love my boxer. My old boxer had the longest tongue ever.

Und dieser böse Blick

24 Tiere, die keinen Bock mehr auf Deinen Scheiß haben

I Hate Bath Time this animal is funny , another funny animal picture. From the site of the animal pics check back for more funny animals

Now, really Homer, the issues you are having with your pack seem to be self inflicted.

Okay, I met a boxer this weekend so now the three dogs that i must own when I'm on my own someday so far are: Siberian Husky, Golden Receiver, and now BOXER :)

I Love Boxers : Photo

Boxer - Energetic and Funny

Yeah, I'd prefer to ride like this seat belt, IF you don't mind. It's a great back stretch. When we switch and I drive, you should really try it.  Beautiful and melting Bulldog. :)

This Is So Comfortable , such a funny little pic here ofThis Is So Comfortable. This animal picture is both funny and funny. Great Pictures every day from funnyanimalsite

What could be better than boxer kisses?!  Have a great day everyone!

Pictures of Boxer Dog Breed-C'Mon and admit it, we all look like this when we run!I love boxers!

Boxer puppy wrestling!

21 Irresistible Boxer Puppies To Celebrate Boxing Day

21 Irresistible Boxer Puppies To Celebrate Boxing Day These are so cute.it makes my heart melt. I have a boxer and absolutely love them!

boxers rule...carolina boxer rescue

If you are always trying to be normal.You will never know how awesome you can be. Maya Angelou (Which is why Boxers why Boxers rule! There is nothing normal about them.


Hall okay now I want a bed of boxers. of course it's boxers so it would be a bouncing bed of boxers but still…