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Uhmm creativity at its finest? (<<sarcasm)

Hmm, did you mother allow you to go out of the house dressed like that ? The freakishly odd fashion of the contemporary catwalk presents the woman eaten by a one eyed alien dress, not so much ooh as arghhhh !

Jeremy scott. Ahahaha

Coat of hair: Strands of rainbow-coloured hair encase a model at Jeremy Scott Fall 2012

I, I just don't have any real caption or advise, or word words to put on this post. Either you're oblivious and call it modern art or know what the idea symbolizes (not necessarily what it means) and roll your eye(s)... Maybe the designer got it from a 3rd party idea, who knows, but this, for heavens sake, seriously?

An eye for detail in this look. **The Residents want their eyeball back. Don't know what to make of the dress, though. I'd make a lampshade of it, actually, had I a lamp big enough.

Viktor & Rolf It's a dress, it's a sleeping bag....with pillows! Great for camping. Should do well this summer.

Viktor & Rolf, Bedtime Stories Dress, 2005 - In case you get that urge to nap.

Twisted New Dawn : Photo

latexfashion: frenchfetish: Latex by Thierry Mugler So bizarre… Should inmole the piggie to the outer gods and gift myself the Thierry Mu.

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Fashion Fail or Let Fashion Prevails