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Why won't my dog do cool stuff like this?!?!

* * BOSTON THINKING: " Some 'tings just scrape me spine, and dis be one of dem. Me haz to find the digital and eats it to destroy it.

I love the expression on the dog's face--priceless!

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Oh Dear someone forget to say I am a little to big now for the bucket lol...

We were at the dog park. They had a bucket of water out for the dogs to get a drink. Howie thought it was a Boston terrier sized swimming pool just for him. This is cute my dog hates water

Im so doing this to dexter this christmas! :))

Amazing Photo of Summer the Boston Terrier photographed in Santa’s hat for Christmas

Be a Dear & fetch me  a Gin & Tonic? - Andy Warhol the Boston Terrier

Be a Dear & fetch me a Gin & Tonic? - Andy Warhol the Boston Terrier Its Weasley!