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My Favorite Grey's Moments

My Favorite Grey's Moments

Favorite Grey's Anatomy moments.

My Favorite Grey's Moments - Grey's Anatomy

One of my favorite Meredith and Lexie moments

Greys back when it was good

Well said Eric:)

Grey's Anatomy - “Nobody Dies on Grey’s Anatomy, You Come Back As A Ghost They Name A Hospital Wing After You.

kkkkkkk <3

Grey's Anatomy Izzie, Alex and Mark

This scene was a cry fest!

the college shooting memorial outside of the hospital.

True love... that's what most romantic thing ever seen

that's what most romantic thing ever seen

Grey's Anatomy

The girls of Grey's Anatomy - Cast members


Patient: Are you a robot? Arizona Robbins: No, but I'm almost that cool. I got into an accident and I lost my leg, so they gave me a new one. Patient: Can you jump super high? Arizona: No.

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" "Yeah, enjoy your syphilis, Olivia!" - Olivia and Izzie, Grey's Anatomy

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My Favorite Grey's Moments- Cristina meets her interns

Cristina pretending to be April is one of the funniest scenes ever!!

Haha I loved it (Grey's anatomy

My Favorite Grey's Moments — Submitted by...

George to Meredith: McDreamy was doing thr McNasty with McHottie. That McBastard! My Favorite Grey's Moments - Grey's Anatomy quotes

Grey's Anatomy. Sister talk

Aparently, everyone in grey sloan memorial hospital 😂😂😂

Meredith drugged before having appendix taken out.

My Favorite Grey's Moments - Grey's Anatomy. How's my favorite dirty mistress