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Thranduil x Legolas "you are coming with me young ellon!"

"Legolas, you cannot just run off like that! You could have been killed!" "I know my way around the forest, Ada!Leoglas, come back!

Oropher thranduil 1 by kazuki mendou-d51hj6p


yavieriel: (via Oropher-Thranduil 1 by ~Kazuki-MENDOU on deviantART)


I’m staying in place far away from home for attending artist... (My Dwarves)

I’m staying in place far away from home for attending artist residence program, but didn’t bring computer or drawing tools. So I can draw only pencil drawing for a while :-)

My ethnic feathers and tribal ornaments on a yoga mat

Dream Weaver Printed Yoga Mat ©

Our best selling mat the Dream Weaver with soft water color background and bold graphic feathers makes for a beautiful zen space for your practice! grab one and bring color and art to your local studi


fuckyeahthrandolas: “wanyuuya: “Can’t stop wondering about the reason why Thranduil keeps so many pillows on his bed ever since I noticed it lol ” This is beyond adorable.