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Steve Harvey reveals facing death threats and more

when you think that Slytherin won the house cup but dumbledore comes and gives extra points to Gryffindor Puns (

true. Jennifer Lawrence behind the scenes lol

Funny pictures about The difference between Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss. Oh, and cool pics about The difference between Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss. Also, The difference between Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss.

The funniest website in the world 【    http://wdb.es/?utm_campaign=wdb.es&utm_medium=pinterest&utm_source=pinterst-description&utm_content=&utm_term=   】^^ Have some fun !!!!

Daniel Radcliffe is the male Jennifer Lawrence<-- but Harry was famous first so wouldn't Jlaw be the girl HP?<< This man is amazing

Harry Potter

21 Times “Harry Potter” Was The Cleverest Book Series Ever I will never stop loving Harry Potter! This just goes to prove how well thought out these seven books are, and they are. Harry Potter will always live on in our lives

Voldemort Tells a Pretty Good Joke... cheezburger.com

Voldemort Tells a Pretty Good Joke...

harry and Voldemort yo mama jokes is just to funny, not quite sure why but I can't stop laughing<<<<wrong form of to, support to be too

Funniest Memes – [Your Costumes Are All Cute...] Check more at http://www.funniestmemes.com/funniest-memes-your-costumes-are-all-cute/

Harry and Hagrid. The things parents do for their children. (I think this might of been the parents idea.or at least I'm using it in the future ;

So true

Pinky Swears: The Unbreakable Vow.YESSSSSSSS I say this all the time ! No pinky promises there is only the unbreakable vow !

"I dunno, my parents are dead and this is what I was wearing when they died and I hate changes. Why don't you have a nose?"  "no comment."

Why Harry!

why do you always wear the same shirt? Seriously in that movie he always wore that shirt

Try to pronounce food while you are eating it... maybe I call some of these this even when im not eating them...

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while…

Sincerely, these had me laughing out loud! Grab someone who can laugh with you. Then read these aloud. I'm crying 'cause I'm laughing so hard.

BAHAHA. So good. Reasons to have children.

Loved this.Reasons Why Having Kids Is Awesome. So funny + true. Being a parent means lots of laughter + funny times.

"But because I'm headmaster, I say f*** the rules"

Cause I don't give a fuck to the school rules...

Dumbledore: Screwing Slytherin since 1997 <---I would like to point out that technically book one takes place in So. Screwing Slytherin since