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Lilac Bubble Duo Kunstdruck
Grande femme III, 1960 Bronze, Susse Fondeur Paris, 237 x 31x 54 cm Foto: Robert Bayer, Basel
Herakut - Street Art - "Nicht jeder wolf ist böse. (wir sind oft nur zu faul oder zu feige, um das zu erkennen)" - 2014
Studio Duo presents Considering the landscape, a juried exhibition that explores the effect space has on our physical bodies, emotions and behaviors. Urban and rural, public and private, virtual space and reconstructed remembered space are all concepts to be explored. This is the second in a series of exhibits that takes the body as a point of departure. The guest juror is Jean Marie Casbarian.   Exhibition Opens – October 5th, 2017Exhibition Ends – November 10th, 2017@ Studio Duo SpaceAbout…