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Halcón pechirrojo o halcón negro grande - The Orange-breasted Falcon (Falco deiroleucus)

Go Ahead....Make My Day!! - The Black Faced Hawk, also known as Black and White Hawk Eagle

"Stare" (Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle, Guira Oga, Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina) ~ Daniel Fox

.Peregrine falcon

Barbary Falcon (Falco pelegrinoides) is a medium-sized falcon about the size of a crow. This bird of prey breeds in the Canary Islands and on the coasts of north Africa.


A male Wreathed hornbill with gular pouch. The female's pouch is blue. Hornbill - bird found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia, & Melanesia

Colorful birds - The tropical Macaw parrot.

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Red Kite by Andrew Withey Me: "That's a cool owl" Gina: "That's an eagle.

Le Petit Poulailler : Photo A not-so-funny bird

The Philippine Eagle, aka the Monkey-eating Eagle, is one of the most magnificent predatory birds in the world. Today, this beautiful eagle is Critically Endangered due to habitat loss.