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"Sunday... Colour and light - there's only colour and light. Yellow and white." - Sunday in the Park with George

Desiree' Frantz why do we worship God by going to Church on Sundays? When God said "On the day, rest" the day is Saturday.Does the word 'Sun God' ring any bells?

outside the box

This print cracks me up but I gotta say I definitely don't need it in my house. Everyone in my house thinks Outside the box ; My problem is usually getting them to understand that there are many who think InSIDE the box

the story of my life!  never lacking for ideas, lol!

More Ideas than Time.the story of my life! (Art Print by Chris Piascik)

Love the colors and font.

My kitchen is for dancing. I always got kicked out of the kitchen "the kitchen is not a place for dancing!" - no wonder I don't know how to cook. Now that I can dance.I am learning to cook!

I want a bunch of these at my wedding with different sayings on them - "TIME TO DRINK RUM AND BE INAPPROPRIATE"

Perhaps change the part ti and celebrate new love or new beginnings. For champagne table. Time to drink champagne and dance on the table.

That Kind Of Woman

Always think before you speak or act might stop yourself from saying or doing something hurtful or foolish. THINK.

Bonjour - 8x10 inch print. French quote featuring mustache and hand drawn type…

Items similar to Bonjour - inch print. French quote featuring mustache and hand drawn type. (Choose Your Color) on Etsy

I want a shirt with this on it. ;-) Use heat transfer materials and a heat press to make yours.

Outside The Box Samsung Phonecase Cover Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Note 3 Note 4 Note 5 Note Edge This case mate is not only phone accessories which cover

As far as style... The outfit/make-up should be showing you off. Not the other way around. Hate it when pretty girls wear too much make-up or over accessorize.

typography: we want the site to be simple yet eye catching. The font, color scheme and every design element will need to flow together. There is Beauty in Simplicity Art Print by BubbyAndBean

oh. ok

I FEEL this way towards so many people/things right now. Fucking let downs