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Media Matters Defends CNBC over GOP Debate - Breitbart http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/10/29/media-matters-defends-cnbc-over-gop-debate/ via @BreitbartNews

Almost everyone, except Media Matters, agrees that CNBC was biased.

Rep. Keith Ellison, Bernie Sanders' lone supporter in the Congressional Black Caucus, defended the Vermont senator's civil rights record after Rep. John Lewis said he never saw Sanders at key moments during the 1960s.

Keith Ellison defends Bernie Sanders after John Lewis' remark - CNNPolitics

Two leading Democratic lawmakers are encouraging their colleagues to bring Muslim Americans as their guests to Tuesday's State of the Union in what they're calling a "stand against hate.

Feminists Are Trying To Raise Abortion Money For Hurricane Harvey Victims

Feminists Are 'Supporting' Hurricane Harvey Victims In The Most Sickening Way Possible

He was a wacko and has done so much damage to this country! I only hope we can recover from all the evil, hate and hypocrisy he has brought upon us! It's so sad that racism has become such an issue again under Obama's watch! And he calls himself a progressive? Progression is going forward, but I feel like I'm living back in the 60's. We as a country have definitely gone backwards on this issue! So sad!

No background was with this pin. Just pinned it from someone else. Wake up, America! and beg Him to straighten things out and save our nation.

I want to smack the smirk right off that kid's face.

I want to smack the smirk right off that kid's face.

The Hill calls lifelong Democrat segregationist George Wallace a Republican in a piece about Donald Trump.

The Hill Calls Lifelong Democrat Segregationist George Wallace a Republican in Piece About Donald Trump - Breitbart

Mideast Egypt Fear of Foreigners

Philip Haney: Obama Homeland Security Shut Down Probe into Islamic Jihadis - Breitbart