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Silence... enjoy the experience of camping, turn off your cellphones & only use in case of an emergency.  The idea of a vacation is to get away from the hustle & bustle (and technology) of everyday life!  #camping

Go Camping with my closest friends without any technology, so that we can truly connect with nature appreciate one another

This is the view I want

“We need some contact with the things we sprang from. We need nature at least as a part of the context of our lives. Without nature, without wilderness even, we.

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Love the outdoors and create an extravagant campfire - completely from scratch! This beautiful campfire will transform any garden into a outdoor space that visually embraces nature and all it has to offer!

pale blue baby shower

LepordPelt padded near the dark forest border, hoping to finally find a nice place to sun bathe (OPEN R.

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Conifer forest, probably several species of small animals, small stream for fish. Is this near the Wind River Mountain range?

/ photo by Michael Smyjewski

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Nothing better than a bonfire on the beach, especially this time of year! One of my favorite things!