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Chitanda is almost Oreki Hotarou's soulmate, lol.  Hyouka

Chitanda is almost Oreki Hotarou's soulmate, haahahaha favourite scene

You are never alone no matter what happens

I really feel like this is Mavis and Zeref, if it is I SHIP IT! If not, I still SHIP IT!<--- Mary and Seto. Sad how nobody knows kagerou days anymore

This anime woman is truly beautiful - kudos to the artist for the detail of the reflection.

They're missing Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha), Kenshin and Kaoru (rurouni Kenshin), ulquiorra and orihime bleach), hitomi and van (escaflowne), Serena and darian (sailor moon), mikasa and eren (attack on Titan), and if studio ghibli films are included : Howl and Sofie, Ashitaka and San, and Chihiro and Haku

Couples Avatar, bleach, one piece, soul eater, . Glad to see a ton of my own ships.

Tamen De Gushi 144

Tamen De Gushi 144

Manga to Know | The Love Story You May Not Know

So much manga so little time. I'm literally crying rn bc I wanna read so much manga but I don't have enough tiiiiiime T-T huhuhu