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Known as the Child of the Great Transformers, the Death card is often misunderstood and greatly feared, when really it is an extremely positive card in terms of personal growth and transformation. Ruled by Scorpio, this card refers to deep Death - XIIItransformative experiences that occur throughout life, and also has ties, through it’s Pluto ruler, to the underworld...Image from “The Vertigo Tarot” © The Death card

Death from the VERTIGO tarot- Art by Dave McKean- this character is from the Sandman by Neil Gaiman and DC/Vertigo Comics. I have this deck and I love it! I may be a little biased being a huge Neil Gaiman fan.

October 15 Tarot Card: Queen of Cups (Cosmic deck) Compassion, care and love -- for ourselves, and those around us -- are supremely important now

The meaning of Queen of Cups from the Cosmic Tarot deck: You are called upon to be a loving master of emotional integrity.