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Why do all the women on Pinterest look like they found a penny?

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One Does Not Simply Walk Into More Doors

One Does Not Simply Walk Into More Doors

To this inventor, I would like to ask "How many times did your child ram her head into the door handle?" Funny Pictures Of The Day - 94 Pics

Human life cycle.

Huma life cycle.

Laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!!! This one took me a second...

I mean, come on…

Big Tall Shaq Shaquille O'Neal and Wife Reminds Me of a Hamster Eating a Banana: Somehow these two pictures go perfectly together. You know Shaq loves hamsters

MDR c'est trop marrant :-):-):-):-):-)

When Derp's Army Lost To Herp. - Posted in Funny, Troll comics and LOL Images - Mix Pics

WIFE WON'T LEAVE!  Hobby lobby

Meanwhile at Michael's craft store.This is what Dwayne would do if he went in michaels or hobby lobby with me. This is so funny

#16 made me laugh until I cried.

Short, Clean Jokes.

Black Friday!! Oh funny!!

Black friday

How to mess with desperate shoppers on Black Friday. For Black Friday, my friend dressed up as a Target employee and bossed people around.

Pretty much lol   Read More Funny:    http://wdb.es?utm_campaign=wdb.es&utm_medium=pinterest&utm_source=pinterst-description&utm_content=&utm_term=

Yes, just so true. It's sad because I'm a dancer, and I try to be flexible. Girls who are the most flexible usually don't even try to be that flexible.

I find this women queuing behind the plastic model for 5 minutes

Dumb Girl Shopping Waits In Line Behind Mannequins: This is hilarious. The girl was waiting in line behind mannequins for five minutes before she finally realiz