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No matter how many times I see this post it always makes me laugh .

Did you see this?

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Can't believe this is real

attackontitan, eruri, levihan<<<by drinkyourfuckingmilk on tumbler>>>i don't ship it but this is hilarious

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I would say "I'm dead" Honey I died the day I discovered anime I LOVE IT

Aot / Snk OVA funny Mikasa looks like Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul when he sniffs Kaneki's blood😋 Lol

Annie Mikasa- Knowing Annie's and Mikasa's relationship... In sure this would have happened if Annie did get captured.

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The Face of My Nightmares #Geek

The Face of My Nightmares

He doesn't look like a psychopath when it's close up on his eyes. He looks like an adorable guy!

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Some times the expressions match but not allll the time