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Chasing the moon light...

The Benefits and Significance of - Restorative practice by nature is a receptive practice, and in that receptivity you can guide yourself toward a more healthy state of being. Restorative yoga is much more like or or yoga nidra than it is like

Hindu Gods and there Greek Counterparts

Hindu Gods and there Greek Counterparts - interesting but I thought Hindu gods were facets of the same deity. Plus that's not a pic of Hades, that's Zeus.

Presiona estos puntos de tu mano para eliminar cualquier dolor.

Presiona estos puntos de tu mano para eliminar cualquier dolor.

Benefits of foot reflexology. Foot reflexology is a type of pressure massage on the feet, especially on the soles, to indirectly stimulate the vital organs and glands of the body, making them healthy.

Abundancia, Amor y Plenitud : los mantras

Tibetan Script, Om Mani Padme Hum, I see the jewel in the lotus:) Do you understand?

Uma ideia pra uma Tattoo criativa

I think this would make an amazing spine tattoo! with everything aligned and just the symbols. Or as individual tattoos! Maybe Neptune since that planet correlates with my astrological sign.


Find balance in your life. Work hard but don’t let work take over your life, you will lose yourself.

Illuminati style

Tattoos iv planned - 18 - These hands but without the excess stuff or colour with "Equal" written in the middle in long thin swoopy font in the middle of my back.


ginger-haze: “✿ more hippie/nature/spiritual post here ❀ ” ☾ good vibes here ॐ