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How to Wrap The Perfect Christmas Present - The Bow

I’ve Been Tying Ribbons On Christmas Presents Wrong My Whole Life. When She’s Done? Perfect terrible video but beautiful bows

How to make your presents look like these | More Than Mary

Watch this to wrap the package: Then this to make the big, beautiful bow: And thank for passing down her master skills! I'm a huge believer in presentation. A nice package shows you care, no matter what's inside.

Gift wrapping can be so frustrating sometimes. If it's not a box, it can end up in disaster. Professional gift wrapper Jane Means has a helpful video on how to wrap up cylinder-shaped presents, one of the trickiest kinds to deal with. Watching her do it is actually very mesmerizing, so take a look!

Jane Means is a professional gift wrapper with a long list of high class clients and her very own luxury gift wrapping book out this year.