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Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1365

gregmelander: “ CONNECTION A nice way of showing how things have a connection. What if we could visualize connections on ideas or everyday objects so we could see their relationship? by motionaddicts ”

Find the pattern. // Cyberpunk / Futurism / Concept Art / Texture

Mathematics The New Black - A Gallery of Amazing GIFs - Techno Station

These Mesmerising GIFs Will Melt Your Mind - BlazePress

These Mesmerising GIFs Will Melt Your Mind

These 19 mesmerising GIFs will leave you staring at the screen for ours.

beesandbombs:  hexagons

beesandbombs: hexagons

itscolossal: “ Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte ”


Quantum Entanglement - Quantum Superposition - Infinite Quantum Zen - Vast Body of Knowledge - Living Awareness, Living Consciousness - Infinite Bliss (Zen) - Satori (Samadhi)

gifs - Buscar con Google

and Mike Martin are two motion designers who went to college together and now work together at a VFX Production House.