Tumblr: Making you cry since 2007

Tumblr: Making you cry since 2007

'roses are red violets are blue this post is so beyond true' I'm really proud of that poem right there because I am not a poet ^_^

please excuse me whilst I cry myself into a stupor.

I thought a defining characteristic of Moriarty is that, while as brilliant as Sherlock, he was driven by chaotic emotions, including a need to fill an emotional hole in his psyche/ soul.

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According to the rules of Sherlock's memory technique, he can only imagine places he has been. Therefore, he must have once been in a padded cell. WELL EXCUSE YOU.<<< THIS IS NOT OKAY

Love this. Why Anderson was in Sherlock's mind palace.

I thought it was pretty significant Sherlock would even let Anderson in his mind palace to begin with.

Merlin/Doctor Who AU canon - ACCEPTED! * actually holding back tears!*

Merlin/Doctor Who AU canon - ACCEPTED! * actually holding back tears!* does it still hurts so very much

Thank you! I noticed this a while back! Sherlock will perpetually have new things to freak out over.

"It's not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock. It's not in the rules." "Well then the the rules are wrong." "It was the only possible solution.

This .gif never gets old. ;) haha.

It’s Monday, you could use some jokes (15 photos)

I like my men how I like my eggs. or should I say, my Eggs Benedict! XD <---- I almost died

Doctor meets Sherlock...I'm okay with that

lol that sherlock reference.but in all seriousness I would probably have done the same thing cause how dare anyone skip 9 and 10