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Freckles are often found on people with fair complexions, such as people with red hair. Because people with paler skin generally have less melanin, which

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Photography inspiration

Sofia by Lena Dunaeva//love her freckles//whoever began the whole hating on "ginger"'s thing was out of their mind.

// freckles, braids, & beautiful light //                                                                                                                                                      More

50 Beautiful Girls With Freckles

OK BEAUTIFUL...Black model with red hair/freckles. So unique/gorgeous...Carmen Lee Solomons

Black model with red hair/freckles. So unique/gorgeous.Carmen Lee Solomons < of African descent + freckles + red hair

You might have given up pigtails when you gave up wearing those little pajamas with the attached feet. Well, onesies for adults are huge, so why shouldn’t pigtails be?

17 Pigtail Hairstyles You Will Actually Want To Copy

Gabrielle Temple is the youngest full member of Avalon at the age of fifteen and she works as a spy by the code name Gabriel.