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Female, from Romania. None of the pictures I post are mine (model or photographer), unless stated otherwise. If you want a picture taken down, tell me, and will do. I post pictures that I find.

50 Back to School Photography Tips and Ideas

50 Back to School Photography Tips and Ideas

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Nothing that I post is mine unless I said otherwise,I'm just a guy who loves women, their bodies, jeeps & jet skis .

Megan DiPiero Photography {Posing Secrets of the Red Carpet} Remember: Chin forward and down.  And now for my favorite tip… chin forward and down.  Alternately, you can imagine bringing your forehead out and down.  Use the words that work best for you and practice this in the mirror.  To look slimmer AND younger.

Posing Secrets of the Red Carpet

Common Photo Editing Mistakes and How To Fix Them by @Jean Smith for iheartfaces.com. #photography

Common Photo Editing Mistakes and How to Fix Them plus Part I – General Photography Tips Part II – Photography Lighting Tips Part III – Photography Posing Tips

5 Tips To Become More Photogenic -Posted April 15, 2014

5 Tips To Become More Photogenic

Good to know. since I'm TOTALLY not photogenic! =) How to be photogenic. Actually some pretty good tips on this one!

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This applies for the general public as well. Spend time in public, you'll see plenty you'll wish you hadn't.

Upcycled Newborn Pants Prop

Great poses for senior girls. Take a look at these poses and practice in a mirror before your shoot. It's amazing the difference a fun pose can make.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 95 Pics. Mud ATV statue

funny caption got a little muddy on atv - From 26 Cool Country pics, photos and memes.