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What happens after you watch Elfen Lied

I was hesitant to watch Elfen Lied at first because of the first 9 minutes of it, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. I should read the manga, though, since I heard it was better than the anime.

frases de elfen lied - Buscar con Google

frases de elfen lied - Buscar con Google

elfen lied - I wished these carefree days could have gone on forever...

Elfen Lied it was a disturbing anime at first but then I realized it was done well over time. It's not for everyone.

Christina Papagianni is from Greece and she is a fantastic artist and illustrator. These realistic photographs are just amazing and no words to explain

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For a dear friend

Gatomon: "No, Wizardmon!" Angewomon: "Do not fret Wizardmon, thanks to you, I have been awaken and I can now digivolve, I WILL defeat Myotismon"