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I'm Irish and England really is the US of Europe

I'm Irish and England really is the US of Europe << I'm laughing so hard oh gods

I love you, Mom and Dad! (Not just for paying for the internet.)>>but mostly for that<<<yah tbh it's mainly because you pay for Internet, dad.

This may just be one of the best tumblr posts ever

Wowowowowowow bruh I threw up at orlando << I ate a churro there once << I saw a kid throw up by the churro stand.<<<<<I saw a kid watching another kid throw up by a churro stand

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A much better use of your undead time excuse the language but I think yeesssss.

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I'm nearly blind without glasses and I've needed new lenses for over two years now but I can't afford it. How wrong is it that I can't afford to see properly and have to deal with daily headaches and dizziness and shit like that?