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Another Outing For My Von Braun Moonship by Paul-Lloyd

Space elevator

Space Elevator- the idea of the space elevator is to use a cable tethered to a base station to send cargo into orbit at a fraction of the cost of rocket-based launch systems.

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Interview : Nicolas Bouvier (Sparth), concept artist

Peter Elson - The Moons of Jupiter by myriac, via Flickr

Peter Elson

TOMORROW & BEYOND : Photo #spaceship – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/206321226659729613/

John Harris born 1948 in London, England is a British painter and illustrator, best known for working in the science fiction genre. His paintings have been used on book covers for many science fiction.

Scifi spaceships with full ZOOM! Simply open the pictures in a new tab for zoomification. #imgur

Scifi spaceships with full ZOOM!

HUGE Starship Size Comparison Chart - Science Fiction Spaceships by DirkLoechel

humanoidhistory: “John Berkey cover art for Plain Truth magazine, April ”

Space Hospital

Space Hospital