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Just cause it had representation doesn't mean it wasn't a bad movie lol

I'm sure this transcends male / female relationships, but I definitely know this person.

Woman's Post About Being Manterrupted While Reading 'Men Explain Things To Me' Goes Viral

Minnesota Just Elected The Country's First Somali-American Muslim Woman Legislator

I hope people understand the joke here. Odysseus didn't do SHIT to get back to his wife, hence the "Struggled" for ten years. TEN YEARS. His home was like, a few days sail away from where he was. Sorry to explain this, but sarcasm doesn't always come through in writing.

Well he did kinda spend a year sleeping with Circe and only left when his crew were like "we should probably go home". but yeah he was very considerate to women like Nausicaa


The state of our country while we claim to be the best and the leader of the free world is appalling. -- I had an intresting conversation with a friend that basically sums up to "The U. is trouble with a capital T.

Fact check first, as the internet might be wrong and I don't know enough to know if it's accurate, but still

Puberty blockers are completely reversible and a viable option for your trans kid.