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this just made me spit my coffee out this morning. were I find stupid things HILARIOUS !

I couldn't DISAGREE with this any more than.......I don't know what. Haha. You find the right person, these things DO happen in real life. Haha. I heart us.

Romance movies destroy relationships because they deceive women into thinking those kind of situations actually happen in REAL life. Men are equally deceived by PORN movies.


Saw Monsters University last week. And now the wait is for Finding Dory & Despicable Me

When someone yells ‘stop’… I love this too much! My class already does Hammertime and Collaborate and listen and we WILL be learning in the name of love!!!

When someone yells ‘stop’…

Funny pictures about When someone yells 'stop'. Oh, and cool pics about When someone yells 'stop'. Also, When someone yells 'stop'.

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If you want the truth, come to me. If you want someone to sugarcoat it, go find Willy Wonka

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If I got paid by the the amount of stupid people I deal with at work instead of by the hour, I could retire by next week. Fuck next week make that tomorrow