Southern Living Style Guide Create a Nighttime Garden

Style Guide: Nighttime Gardens

Associate Garden Editor Rebecca Bull Reed shares tips and ideas for making your garden an evening retreat.

Originally found in the traditional bistros across France and first designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934, it's rumored that the Marais Collection was created for use in the weather forecasting room on French battleships. Our chairs are meticulously crafted from grade A steel and precision welded to ensure durability in the most rigorous workplaces. Slight abrasions and variations are characteristic of the chair's machine aesthetic.

Love how easy it would be to switch up the vibe with just a coat of paint or cushions!

Bleeding Tissue Paper Birds on Canvas - that's right, no paint was used to make this piece of wall art! Use bleeding tissue paper and water to create beautiful designs, like this birds on a branch canvas wall art.

Create this wall art without paint - use tissue paper!

Beautiful wall art without paint, using tissue paper // Hermoso cuadro sin pintura, utilizando papel tissue

▁▂▃ Use glue, salt, and watercolor. The glue makes the colors rise from the paper and the salt creates a 'starburst' look. COOL!

Use school glue gel, salt, & liquid watercolor on watercolor paper. The glue makes the colors rise from the paper and the salt creates a 'starburst' look. Rubbing alcohol on wet water color is cool too.

Suet mixed with Seed make for a tasty winter treat.

Planting A Garden

Time for High Tea! Every tea lover.tea cup adorer and tea pot admirer is going to love this collection of Upcycled Teacup Projects! So pinkies up!

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backyard lights - Brighten up your backyard this summer with these adorable Mason jar lights. Each strand of lights comes with ten homey Mason jars filled with an el.

Люстра для летней веранды

Mason Jars Hanging on a Canning Rack with lights - love it! Great way to hold a bunch at once. Need a canning rack now.