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100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times

Always view the grass  as being greener on the other side.. This too shall pass! #nationaldayofhappiness #smileanyway

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations // Motivation // Motivation. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations // Motivation // Motivational Quotes

Girls! Stay strong and Be tough! We run the world!

100 Inspirational Quotes Every Woman Should Read

Wish this could be true


Poem is typed on 6 x 8 hand pressed hemp paper using a 1955 Olympia Please note if youd like signature on front or back

Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning. And those who died this morning had plans for tonight. Don't take life for granted. --Today is the oldest you've ever been; yet the youngest you'll ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts.

Do this at work all the time

AstroSpirit / Scorpio ♏ / Water / The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.

Be that girl

60 Inspirational Quotes For Women That’ll Motivate You

Independent Strong Women Quotes and Sayings with Pictures. Strong black women quotes, famous women quotes and beautiful female quotes on life and love.

What if we did really treat our past as a story so that we could turn a page or shut the book to move on with the story or start a new story your post inspired me! by pip.