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This photo has so many meanings

// The cuts and scars remind me that I fell. A bird whose wings were clipped at a tender young age, and never fully recovered those feathers.


Chart showing different styles of eyes for male anime/manga characters. All notes are written in Japanese!: pissed of anime eyes male gestures moods

” Allen is a pretty crafty guy, except when it comes to food… My love comedy side is starting to show

Toto when Psyched raped him

(Be the captor male or female) I shifted, the leather a bit cold on my skin. I was blindfolded so I couldn't see anything.

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Theo grabbed me by my white shirt collar and prepared to swing another punch. I looked up at him, trying to not show any apparent signs of fear. I knew that if I fought him back, it would only get worse.

weilding: “i cant stand that youre talking when you shouldnt be living ”