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Tattooed Game of Thrones - Hilary Heffron. Why the hell does Jon Snow have the Targaryen crest on his shoulder? ----UPDATE: finished season nowwwww it makes sense!

Bradley and Colin

I LOVE Bradley James and Colin Morgan! I just have to ship them too. Not just Merlin and Arthur, but Bradley James and Colin Morgan!


The merlin pic makes me want to cry but this is pretty accurate!

Every Merthur shipper just died <3 kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

It's cuz this man is secretly in love with Colin Morgan. Yea, you heard it from me first. :D<<<Question: who *isn't* secretly in love with Colin Morgan?

That was the moment I knew I would love this show forever


My favorite story was about a boy who'd live forever but his eyes were heavy with the weight of all he'd seen. / The opening lines from the Doctor Who episode "A Town Called Mercy" for Merlin. This fits a little too well.