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Cheese slicing is close to become a photographic moment with the introduction of the Say Cheese Instant Slicer. The simple process of slicing your cheese c

Personalised Eye Chart from Firebox.com

Our Firebox Optician at work Wersquove all sat in front of an eye chart (or Snellen chart) before, reading the letters out loud to an optician.

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Each Camera Lens Shot Glass is intricately detailed to look the part of the DSLR camera lens that you probably don't own.

Fire Stash Keyring Lighter

Guaranteed to elicit gasps of amazement from light-poncers and casual onlookers alike, this impossibly small, keyring-friendly waterproof capsule conceals a fully functioning lighter. Refillable with standard lighter fuel, it’s hot stuff.

Personalised Classic Novels - Britney’s Adventures in Wonderland!

Personalised Classic Novels

Achetez un porte couvert ou un sèche brosser à dent sur lavantgardiste.com

Porte couverts Jumbo

It may not be a real elephant, but this jumbo-sized cutlery drainer can be just as productive and playful as its animal counterpart.

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Put your next bottle of cerveza in a full-nelson, and impress wrestling fans with these terrific bottle openers.

Garlic Zoom

Ideal for flavour freaks looking to minimise garlicky fingers and stinky surfaces, this nifty little gizmo makes chopping garlic fun and easy. Simply open the top, pop in a peeled clove and push the Zoom backwards and forwards on your worktop.