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Louise Brooks, born Mary Louise Brooks, was an American dancer and actress, noted for popularizing the bobbed haircut.

TatiTati Style ♔ Les Modes (Paris) October 1921 Robe du Soir par Molyneux

Les Modes (Paris) October 1921 Robe du Soir par Molyneux- fashion during the years that Ernest Hemingway was in Paris writing.

20s hair

Silent film actress Viola Dana, 1919 - famous actress in the that rose to fame through pictures.

Flower hat ~ 1920's

Vintage Fashion: Caroline Reboux, a Parisian fashion designer famous for her beautiful hats, introduced the "cloche hat" in the

The Dolly Sisters, 1920s

vintage everyday: The Dolly Sisters – Scandalous Vaudeville Performers from the Jazz Age