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This photo made a HUGE impression on me when I was little.

Doris Day appears on the cover of Collier's 1952 magazine to promote her new film, "April in Paris." With her are 6 dyed poodles. Poodles became the most popular dog in the when poodle skirts made their debut.


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Say hi to Tea Cup Blondy lets hear the love

"Tuffy" the Poodle Palm Puppy.I'd say this was a real pup but the toes looked stitched Needle felted poodle ?

poodle ♡Hope you're doing well.From your friends at phoenix dog in home dog…

I couldn't even imagine

and i thought German Shepherds were the biggest thing to want to be lap/couch dogs. This guy must have been crushed to death.

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The world’s largest dog named, Hercules has been recently awarded as World’s Biggest Dog by Guinness World Records. Hercules is a very big dog like a horse, it is unbelievable! He is an English Mastiff, who has a 38 inch neck …

The whole family back together again for the holidays!

This made me laugh so hard! I can barely get one doodle to sit still long enough for a picture, but three?


That's one BIG DOG! The dog is the same size as the horse. I bet this police officer gets some very strange looks from people when they see him riding a HUGE DOG the size of a horse.

yes...i pin dogs quite often. but this is just the cutest.

i pin dogs quite often. but this is just the cutest.

Apricot Standard Poodle #teddybear

Maybe a journalist like my mom? I would get to interview all the celebrity poodles⭐️ Or maybe a chef? That way I can cook my own food and eat when I want