22-year-old Shirley Temple dancing with her future husband, 31-year-old Charles Black

In never-before-seen photographs by Hollywood legend Nat Dallinger, Faye Dunaway chats with a Jack Nicholson, a Shirley MacLaine shows off a risque outfit, and Jack Warner plants a kiss on Julie Andrews for winning the Golden Globe for "Mary Poppins.

Shirley Temple (Black) all grown up.  A wonderful child actress, who grew up to be an amazing woman!  40's -70's at  http://pinterest.com/dsgoodin1/

Temple: bright spot in US dark Depression Iconic child star Shirley Temple Black, who has died aged shone a burst of sunlight into America s dark Depression era, famously earning President Franklin D. Roosevelt s acclaim for her "infectious optimism.

Shirley Temple with her first husband John Agar and their daughter Linda

If you were born in that year Shirley Temple (and then husband John Agar) gave birth to their daughter Linda Susan.

Shirley Temple, with her parents George and Gertrude Temple, on vacation, 1930s.

Shirley Jane Temple (born 1928 in Santa Monica, California) and her parents, George and Gertrude Temple.

Portrait for Our Little Girl, 1935.

Portrait for Our Little Girl, 1935.