The peacock is among the butterfly varieties spreading to the north, according to a 10-year study. Photograph: Getty

Atlas of butterflies shows southern species head north

On the verge of welcoming hundreds of peacock butterflies into the garden! Nettles ARE good for something!

The sheer beauty...

"Purple Passion, Purple & Pink Fractalius Filter Butterfly Purple passion in the moonlight. Unique butterly in fractalius art." by Beverly & Pack


I’m not normally a fan of Vanity Fair mag, mostly because I think the writing is pretty pompous. But the September style issue has two great pieces; one on the life of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy th…


Endangered Lange’s Metalmark butterfly gets by with help of friends

Metal Mark Butterfly-- Their scientific name is Apodemia Mormo Langei, found in North America. These are the brightly colored butterflies. They have several generations a year.

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